Join the Adventure


It starts with finding that special property. We are aware of the importance of verdant land. Through our experience, and the knowledge of our Board of Advisors, we will be examining soil, water and sustainability, and, of course, location to make it easily accessible to all.

Be part of how it unfolds. Donate. Volunteer. Join the adventure. Make a difference!

Help us raise the initial funding to secure the property. Our goal is to raise $260,000.


*For donations of land, land trusts, other physical donations and larger amounts contact us directly @

Get Involved


The excitement has just begun. We’ll keep you posted so you can join us for the barn raising, animal acquisition, and follow the ongoing day to day activities and events. (Follow along with us on Instagram, coming soon) where the fun is ongoing with promotions, gifts and the reward of giving to your community.

Participate, support and get your friends involved!